The primal energy of transformation and evolution.

The kundalini is the primal force of evolution.  Yogic literature describes it as an energy lying at the base of the spine, coiled up like a snake. While it is dormant, we are at the mercy of our karmas – all the sickness and traumas that are stored in our energetic body. Most people live their life in a predictable path, living out the patterns inherited from their family, culture and past karmic lives, unable to break free. These patterns are manifested in the physical body as a blockage-- a tightness or rigidity.  The kundalini vibrates, unwinds and works through these blockages.  Knowledge of the kundalini has been passed down three ways-- through sacred texts, oral transmission from a teacher and direct energetic transmission. Whichever way it has been transmitted,  the knowledge has to be understood through personal experience.  Teachers and mentors are very important on this path, but you can’t learn ABOUT it from them.  It has to be directly experienced.  

The embodiment of energy for healing.

When we start working through our traumas and awaken the kundalini, the door to the spirit world opens.  Beyond this door are archetypal energies-- fragmented parts of ourselves that we usually access unconsciously.  These energies are aspects of our higher self or divine self, but as long as they are buried within our unhealed traumas we experience them as a negative part of ourselves.   Our culture reinforces the pattern of disconnecting and dissociating from these parts.  This only pushes them deeper into our unconscious, and pushes us further from seeing the divine self hidden inside them.  When we start the healing process and reconnect to these hidden parts, our darkness transforms and then we can EMBODY our divinity.  This is mediumship.  All the gods, spirits and demons from our spiritual traditions can be understood and experienced as aspects of ourselves.  When hidden and unresolved, they are our demons tormenting us.  When healed and fully embodied, they are gods.

On Shamanic Healing

Justin Levy, L.Ac. talks about his own initiation into shamanic healing, the deep healing power of clearing energetic blocks, and the grace spirit brings to his patients. >more

The Philosophy

The spine and nervous system are the places where memories and stories are held. They can be personal memories from this life; they can also be memories and stories from our family and culture... >more

Classes & Workshops

The classes involve receiving bodywork by the instructors. You may connect with unprocessed trauma or emotion during the class, but every care will be taken to create a safe and healing space...  >more

“The only way through is in. But the magic comes with the spirit. Once you go into it and surrender to the process, the spirit actually transforms our wounds. And that thing that was your enemy becomes a source of power and strength.”

—Justin Levy